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H.E.R.E You Are Worthy: Prom Dress Giveaway

We are excited to be partnering with All I Know to bring the You Are Worthy Prom Dress Giveaway to Camden County.

The dress & accessories are the most expensive purchases that a girl and her parents will make in preparation for prom night.

Every Girl Needs A Dress and Every Dress Needs a Girl.

In March of 2018, I volunteered at a wonderful event that was created to provide young girls a chance to not only feel like a princess for the day, but to also receive a beautiful prom dress, shoes, and accessories for the total cost of FREE. Some, were so overcome with joy, that they cried after they found the perfect dress and then whisked off to find the perfect shoes and accessories to match. Watching how happy these young women were filled my heart with so much joy. Mainly, because I have five daughters myself and I know how important the prom can be to most girls in the 11th and 12th grade. I also know how expensive the dresses, shoes, purses, earrings, and necklaces can be.

I remember the joy I had going shopping with my daughters to find all of these items, which was also accompanied by the angst of not being sure if I could afford it all. I remember thinking during one prom dress shopping trip, "I sure hope this kid..." ( as I affectionately call all my girls ) "...doesn't choose a dress over $100 or shoes over $50." In the end, her dress and shoes ended up costing a little over $170. It was a wonderful day that she and I will cherish.

Although, I realize that not everyone is able to have this experience, because not everyone can afford this experience. Which, is why I was so happy and honored that Claresa Baggs the founder of All I know Inc. and the creator of the You Are Worthy Prom Experience decided to say yes after I approached her with the idea of hosting one in Camden County Georgia.

Fairy Godmothers Are Real....We will Prove It!

For many young ladies in high school going to the prom is a rite of passage that is will create amazing memories. Unfortunately, for some parents, the prom can be a nightmare, because they simply can not afford it. We would like to help ease the burden of those who are less fortunate and allow all of the young ladies a chance to experience this magical night without the financial worry.

There is a quote that says " Every girl needs a dress and every dress needs a girl." This is especially true for prom. This is why we are asking you to become a Fairy Godmother and let every girl know that she is worthy by donating your gently used gown or accessories for a high school Junior or Senior to have and wear to the prom.

Dress Exchange

We have added a dress exchange for young ladies that would like to exchange their old prom dresses for a new (to you ) dress the day before the event. Dresses that are being exchanged, must be dry cleaned, and free of any stains, holes, or rips.

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