Welcome to BLOOM for Teenage Mothers!

We recognize that teen mothers are one of the most isolated and overlooked populations in our community.


Our program aims to help teenage mothers get rid of self limiting beliefs and become confident young ladies by building a strong parental foundation, based on education, integrity, and commitment.

The girls in our program will participate in career development, personal development and child development classes, group outings, workshops, baby showers and more.

We meet once month, unless otherwise noted.

Weekday meet-ups will be held at 5 pm. Saturday meetings will be held at 11 am.


Dinner or lunch will be provided at all meet-ups. 


Meeting dates and times will be sent to those chosen to participate in our program. 

Moms are encouraged to bring their baby. 

Transportation may be provided if needed. 

College Scholarship opportunities are available to teen mothers who are active in our program and meet scholarship criteria. 

To join BLOOM for Teenage Mothers in Georgia please click the link below.